Pumice (pumice) comes from the Italian language and is named differently in different languages.In Turkish pumice, carrying corn, straw stone, known by names such as topuktaşı.

On earth are the most widely used type of acidic and pumice. This type of white, dirty colored one. During the rapid cooling and the formation of gas within the leave as a result of a sudden became very porous structure.Pores are not interconnected. Yoğunluğu 0,5-1 gr/cm3 arasında değişmektedir. Density ranged from 0.5 to 1 gr/cm3. . More porosity and permeability of pumice is very low due to the heat and noise. Does not contain crystal water.

In the depths of the world's crust, partial melting of basaltic magma pockets are formed. At very high pressure liquid or gas under normal conditions, this magma could absorb all the items.(H2O, CO2, F) over time, these pockets of magma pressure on, with the effect of ground motion is reduced. Ground motion occurs, and this begins a volcanic explosion of gases within the magma is erupted. Release of gases in the magma viscosity increases very rapidly and the solidification temperature is increased. Magma is so sparkling, so we know fragmented material and creates a pumice stone.

These substances into the air from a large crater and scattered around the gas is thrown patlamasıya. Encyclopedia Britannica, the main pumice (pumice) is as follows for the explanation. "Abrasive cleaning and polishing is also used as a very porous volcanic glass frozen. It also is used as building materialPumice (pumice), very rapid cooling due to the type of rock is not finding the time to be crystallized. The steam is released suddenly becomes dissolved solids and spray creates a porous structure. When these conditions occur every type of lava, pumice could become.

Produced pumice (pumice) in the soft category.Our production company, pumice (pumice) in the volcanic gravel, great care has to be extracted for other foreign substances. Pumice the size of each group after the deal is in the same measure. Washing process is carried out for a clean product, and then dried. Pomzas 1-7 cm particle size used in the textile industry is being addressed by the drum roll in sufficient time and are subjected. Bu sektör için beyaz pomza üretilmektedir. White pumice produced for this sector. Produced pumice (pumice) is packed in plastic bags