Use in the Construction Sector:

• Solid or hollow, lightweight construction, production elements

• Production of prefabricated building components

• Roof coverings and decorative elements in the production of

• Production of lightweight plaster and mortar

• Lightweight concrete production

• Roof and floor insulation as filler.

Use of pumice in the textile industry:

• Widely known as grinding jeans and denim fabric in the process of opening up the colors, fabric bleaching and softening processes.

Use of pumice in the agricultural industry:

• Agriculture personnel carriers are used in medicine as a powder.

• Land reclamation, the small plants growing in soil or in soilless media,

• Limited agricultural water recharge - green spaces.

For use in chemical and other industries:

• Puzzolonik materials in cement production, the Ýzolation wall paint, rough coated, patterned paint, primer and lacquer putty filler, non-corrosion coatings, traffic paint and

• plastic industry and paper industry as the auxiliary filler,

• Ceramic tiles in the industry to increase the thermal insulation value, rough pottery and absorption in the manufacture of ceramic grains,

• Fertilizer manufacturing as a soil additive anti,

• bitumen in asphalt additives as anti-vomiting,

• Heavy oil and dirty environment, etc. absorbe , fluids as absorbent materials,

• Poultry farms in the exhibition floor, non-slip type of tire construction,

• Roughness of different ornaments to eliminate the gloss and polish as

• Water, waste water treatment and air cleaning technology is used as the additive element.