Perlite, a naturally occurring silica-based is a name given to igneous rocks. The most important feature distinguishes it from other volcanic glass, perlite softens the original volume when heated at temperatures of around four to twenty times as able. This expansion in the crude perlite% 2-4 in the özsuya (crystal water) is optional.

Over 870 degrees quickly, perlite is heated to evaporate the sap within the time such as corn on the number of fires and thermal expansion of the perlite, pores are formed. That's an excellent heat and sound insulation of expanded perlite material.Chemical and physical properties of raw perlite is shown below.

Existing concrete as an alternative, lightweight, economical, and thermal conductivity lower than a carrier of concrete to produce in the region is available but currently in production of concrete not used in Erzincan Mullah Village crude perlite aggregate, the carrier lightweight concrete production availability, the resulting concrete insulation capability and pozzolanic properties were investigated.

TS 707 in the village of Mullah perlite Erzincan area 'be taken as appropriate to get the inn on perlite aggregate; units of pain, organic matter content, water absorption ratio, ignition loss and unit weight tests were carried out.

Of the results, the literature and standards for lightweight aggregates were found to be within specified limits. To search for Firat pozzolanic aggregate calculation was performed using a mixture of B225.


Color gray, gray and black tones, softening 870 C 1100 C 1310 C 1380 C melting point, pH 6.5 to 8.0, specific gravity 2.0 to 2.4 g / cm 3, 0.5% weight loss, melting properties of the hot concentrated acid concentration less than 2% 1% alkalive dilute weak acids, minerals and concentrates are given very little. As crude from 2000 to 2100 kg / m 3, was broken by hand from 2200 to 2400 kg / m3 as perlite, expanded after 32 kg / m 3 and 180 kg / m 3 density range. This expanded perlite heat and sound izolation buildings plastered roof and floor between the sound izalasyonunda agriculture greenhouses and seedlings rerakter materials in the production of 32 kg. / M3 and 60 kg/m3 in the expansion of perlite is ground after the industrial filter material is used.