"Building Solutions in Energy Sector to make easy"


Our country energy leakage minimization efforts to speed With the whole country on energy transmission lines of the underground to work have started work with the institutions doing business with contractors in the specifications required to use mandatory brick or equivalent material in search are entering.

Brick in the harvest of the last product specifications TEDAŞ TSE instead of standard CE Despite the obligation of any institution and organization of this document does not wish to continue and the market for years with the habit has continued to use product. Because of this habit of the market 30% - 40% wastage at which groundwater quality and provide the desired benefit has not been wrapped products. The use of these quality products to the destruction of national wealth, and the expected benefits from materials provided underground guide, and is caused by contractors to remain in the dust.

In addition, products that contractors had difficulty in finding solutions for themselves akternatif inspector and primitive methods, they had poured concrete slabs have been trying to resolve zorunlarını k operated.Öünkü what height, regardless of groundwater sulphate content of calcium carbonate products for the concrete aggregate as limestone, calcium carbonate, and combat command by clay minerals for the devastating effects of which he had made the university reports and ıspatlanmıştır.Başka words blend of brick and of poor quality concrete plates shortly after the underground is melted and pulverized. As a result, these types of products manufactured from materials to be placed underground, as a wrong practice guidance material.

Whereas the crystal made of silicon dioxide and GUIDE GUIDE PLATE BRICKS is of very high sulfate resistance.. University and not melted under ground rapoarları tested by independent institutions and documented.

GUIDE GUIDE PLATE BRICKS and manufacture of high-tech computer-controlled machines are used to. You are required to test and audit standard and the CE certificate suitable for these machines, having tamamamıyla products are manufactured according to specifications TEDAŞ.

GUIDANCE BRICK 120 x 10 x 5 in size of the cables underground during the cable between the swords putting specifications required zorounlu the brick uadili in and subscribe channels use the equivalent material as TEDAŞ specifications according to produce.

GUIDE PLATE blend of seven to 50 x 20 x 5 cm in size the equivalent of brick materials as the equivalent of being produced and implementation uyhun TEDAŞ condition labor savings from 50% to 600% are from transportation.

In the field of application of both products will be shipped in paleli and direct channels .Fire rate is close to zero.

1 pallet GUIDE BRICK (1250) is downloaded to the application area subscribe to cable channels or channel is applied to search.

GUIDE PLATE 1 pallet (240 pieces), the standard 60 meters off the channel. Application area with 30 meters between the bucket or crane attachment is downloaded from a serious saving labor and transportation costs.

As a result, they yield corporate guide to take buildings, contractors and materials they use are high quality and profitable.